The nursery is available during both Sunday School and the Worship Service.
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Ken & Judy Boothe
Southeast Asia
Since 1984, Ken & Judy have had varied work experiences with Wycliffe. They worked in literacy in Nigeria, taught the literacy training course at the International Linguistics Center (ILC) in Dallas, and consulted on the development of school curricula for minority language communities in Ethiopia. For 12 years, they served in East Africa through roles in communication, program planning, country-wide and regional administration. They then took the skills and knowledge they gained in Africa to assist the team in Southeast Asia for 3 years. They are now returning to the work in Anglophone-Lusophone Africa.
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Dan & Lucia Brubaker
West Africa

Dan and Lucia appreciate your faithful prayers for them, their ministries, and for the other Bible translation work in the country to which God called them over 30 years ago. They couldn’t be there without your help. They are thankful for the MAMARA Website. Please check it out at It contains literacy materials, Bible stories, and audio of the New Testament. Praise for the continued translation work on Psalms, Daniel, and Isaiah.
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Tim & Kathy Husk
Papua New Guinea, Wycliffe Bible Translators 

Tim is currently Director of Strategic Relationships and is serving a two-year term which started in June of 2015. Praise the Lord. This year the mission work in PNG will be celebrating 60 years of bringing the gospel to this culture in the Pacific. Kathy and Tim will be working on plans for this celebration. They have been there 25 of these 60 years. ​
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Jack & Keiko Marshall
Japan, International Church 

Jack and Keiko have a Bible teaching ministry to Japanese Christians. They feel a great need for these Christians to become strong in their faith and to come to a place where they can teach others the doctrine of God’s grace.
They both minister in their home to a small group of returnees (students who have studied abroad and returned to Japan). Keiko also leads several ladies Bible studies.
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